Fiber to ethernet with switch / firewall

I have an NSA2600, it has no fiber ports. only 8 1gb ethernet.

I have 4 Dell3448p's in a stack so currently my main switch connects to the NSA with a normal 100mb port.

I want to connect 1 of the fiber ports on my 3448p to my NSA2600

I found this product,

Will this let me plug this cable in to my 3448p to this device, and then use a normal cat6 cable to plug in to my sonicwall without any extra hardware? I read reviews about people saying you need module to plug in to the above device and also into the switch?
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apologies, i didnt notice the twinax was a 10gb..  my old eyes and all. :)

the cable you specified is 10Gb and when it comes to fiber there is no step down, the switch and transceiver would have to be 10GB.  in your case, this would not work at all.  Everything would "fit" but nothing would talk.

in your scenario, you would need to get 2 SFP SX modules, 1 for the dell and one for the transceiver, and then you would need a patch cable to connect.

so along with the aforementioned transceiver, you would need this module for the dell (you can get pretty much any module as long as all the spec line up, LX or SX with SX being for shorter runs and is the less expensive option)

And this module for the transceiver (which would probably also work in the dell, but i like to keep brand with brand)

And a short multimode LC patch cable to link them both
Now, with all of that said, is there any specific reason you want to go fiber to the firewall rather than just running a straight cat5 patch.  you wont get any type of speed increase at all, 1GB is 1GB, and you're just adding a point of failure with the transceiver in the middle.
normally in order to use that transceiver to convert the fiber to cat5/6 you would need the correct SFP module on the switch and in the transceiver.

so it would go like this.

DELL 3448 -> Dell SFP module installed inside switch -> fiber cable -> SFP module installed inside transceiver -> Transceiver ->cat5/6 cable.

The twinax cable you specified has the fiber modules already connected, so you should in essence be able to plug 1 end of that cable into your Dell, and the other end into the transceiver, then use a CAT 5/6 cable to connect into the sonicwall.
CaptainGibletsAuthor Commented:
and the fact that its a 10gb cable shouldn't make a difference? Should be it backward compatible for 1gb?
CaptainGibletsAuthor Commented:
My switch only has 2gb ports on each one, I use these for stacking and you cant change the stacking ports.

The rest of the ports are 100mb. I am looking into LAG at the moment to try and get 3-4 ports to my SonicWALL to boost the bandwidth. I have also been looking at this device. Would this work?
So the question begs to be asked, what speed is your WAN connection that you require GB LAN to the firewall?

Regardless of the answer, yes, that SFP module can go into the DELL switch and then just cat5 to the NSA.
Just in case, i would probably get this module as its specific to the Dell (and a few bucks cheaper)
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