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Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADPropertyValueCollection issue on get-aduser

We are trying to run:

get-aduser username -Properties * | select name, publicDelegates, publicDelegatesBL

But the output only returns Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.Management.ADPropertyValueCollection, despite knowing there are delegates setup.
Is there anyway round this? I dont understand why it doesnt return the correct information. I did wonder if its perhaps because there are a number of entries in both fields?
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When you run the command get-aduser username -Properties *
Do you see the property in there?

I know some properties won't show if they have empty values

what happens when you pipe get-aduser username -properties * | get-member
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Pau Lo


footech, no we didnt add the export to csv command
Can you post a screenshot of the console after you've run the command?
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footech sorry my mistake it was an issue when using the export-csv command, the results did show up in console, or if blank showed as

{ }

Many Thanks