Is it possible to recover overwritten data from pen drive ?.

we have a 8 GB pen drive and we also over written data to the same drive in many times . is it possible to recover data form the pen drive before over written stage ?.
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It's near impossible if it's REALLY overwritten. If your drive is 8GB and you really have written it almost with 8GB of different data multiple times, it's definitely a lost cause. If you use something like Recuva (free software), and it shows it's not retrievable anymore, it's actually already a lost cause. It will take thousands of bucks to even attempt at restoring the data. Even the best scientific minds and lab geniuses couldn't retrieve anything useful though.
You can scan the usb stick with testdisk/photorec. But it is highly unlikely that you will be able to recover anything.
the best i know is GDB :

but as said - chances on recovery are very low - but it won't hurt runningn GDB, and see what it finds (that's still free)  -only saving what is found has to be payed for
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