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how to connect 4 screens ...

Hi Experts,

I am working in my office with two monitors connected to my notebook.
Because of monitoring I want to connect more screens.
Do you know how to connect 4 screens to my station ?
I have seen some trading stations like you see in the picture.
Do I need extra hardware for it ?
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see picture...
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It depends on your video card(s). How many outputs does it have? If you want to display to 4 different monitors, you will need one with at least 4 outputs (or add a further card to get to that number). You also need to check with the specs of the card(s), whether it supports that many outputs at the full resolutions.
Typically - for laptops, you may need an additional docking station which will offer additional video output.
What model is this?

You will also need to check what your current video card currently offers. As others have stated, you can purchase additional USB Startech video adapters for added outputs.
ok thanks.
I found one solution, I just need one USB connector and a USB hub then I can connect 7 or more monitors.
it has nothing to do with my video card !
How do you want to connect your monitors to a USB hub? USB inputs on monitors are usually themselves nothing other than USB hubs to which you connect other USB devices like USB sticks etc, but the display itself isn't output through USB to the monitor.
You still need USB video Adapters to plug into the hub. So it has everything to do with video cards. The displays are connected to those USB video adapters, not the hub. The hub itself wouldn't even be required if your laptop already has the number of USB ports you need to accommodate the numbers of displays you want attached.
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It's correct, a USB hub is only to connect more USB devices to your laptop. If you want more screens, PER screen needs this Startech USB > VGA/HDMI/DVI device. If you want 5 more screens, you HAVE TO BUY 5 Startech USB devices.
Please check the video carefully.
You need a USB Hub connected to your laptop.
Each monitor needs a USB-VGA-DVI-or HDMI adapter.
Then it works.
And it has nothing to do with extra connection to my video card in the laptop !
"USB-VGA-DVI-or HDMI adapter".

Those ARE nothing other than video cards. You can connect them directly to the PC's USB port. Effectively you are just connecting additional video cards to the PC that way. You DON'T need the USB hub if your PC has enough USB ports for the number of USB Video cards you want to attach, and if it can supply enough power for them.