Excel 2007 Suddenly stops working normally

I have a few clients that are having problems editing and printing excel and word documents. All their PC's run Windows 7 and have Office 2007 installed. They use Word and excel to create and edit docs in the normal manner and fave them to their folder on the server.

All PC's have Microsoft updates applied every two weeks and are rebooted multiple times a week.

Monday, one user edited a word doc (that was edited in 2014) and saved it with a new name in the same location. She tried printing it to her normal desktop and Microsoft word crashes and never comes back with a solution. Restart the Pc, and the problem repeats.  I was able to open that document (while logged into their 2008 server) and print it to a network printer.

All other documents work properly.

The 2nd client in the same network running the same Windows 7 and Office 2007 suddenly has this problem:
I'm having trouble making changes to a spreadsheet that I have been updated regularly for years.   All of a sudden Excel freezes up and won’t let me copy and paste.  I am not having Excel issues with any of my other spreadsheets.  Any ideas on how I can fix this without recreating the spreadsheet?

Any suggestions on these issues?
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Tony GiangrecoAsked:
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
For the Excel issue, I can make a suggestion but it wouldn't apply to to the Word document.

Does that particular Excel file use the Shared Workbook feature? If so, it has probably become corrupt, sorry!!

The Shared Workbook feature is notoriously unreliable and can create problems or corruptions with no apparent reason and sadly no cure.

Rob H
Does the Excel file have Page break preview turned on?

Do the following steps make any difference?
- change the selected printers in each of the files to "print to file" eg Microsoft XPS Document Writer
- save & close the files
- un-install the network Printer Drivers
- re-install or update the network Printer Drivers
- reopen the files & change the selected printers back to the network printer?

Tony GiangrecoAuthor Commented:
I worked on the Word crash problem. She has a Brother HL-2240 laser printer.  I uninstalling the that printer, download the current driver package and installed it.  I tested word with multiple documents and multiple printers. The main document she opens makes Word crash when she tries to print it. All other documents appear to work properly.

This is a document she uses weekly. No idea what caused this to start.

I'm going to contact the other user today regarding the questions (above) on the the Excel document.
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
This is a common problem.
It's all compatibility issue related especially if a file was created with an older version of word or excel and edited with newer version.
Try one or both of the workarounds below

Option 1 is specific to HP Printers
1. From the printer driver properties
- Device settings
- Installable options
- Printer Status notification
- Disable

2a. Set Word or Excel 2013 to run in compatibility mode.
- Right click on Word or Excel 2013,
- Click Properties,
- Click Compatibility tab,
- Check "Run this Program in compatibility mode for",
- From the drop down menu, select Windows XP Service Pack 2
You will lose some functionality in Word or Excel 2013 with this option. Since not all the files have this issue, Try saving the files As, then try different options of Word or Excel file types.

2b. Alternatively, open the problematic document and a new blank document
- Ctrl A and Ctrl C to copy all the contents from the problematic document
- Ctrl Z to paste the contents into the blank document
- Save the document and then print
As you may have guessed with option 2, the file was created with an older version of word and has macros that conflict with the new version.

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Tony GiangrecoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions.
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