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IBM DS4100/4300 crash

I'm the new administrator here (2 months) and I just had the server that connects to an IBM DS4100 crash, and crash hard. It is dead despite all my powers.

While we had most of the data backed up and was able to restore there is some that wasn't set to backup by the previous administrator.

So I've moved the fiber cards to a new (old) system and have OS installed but nowhere does anyone have the Storage Manager software that came with this old beast 10 years ago.

I'm reaching out to see if someone has this disc (as IBM won't help me, the system isn't supported anymore and no possible way to buy support on it hence I can't download it from their site) or might be willing to log in with their IBM account and download it for me.

OR...if there is some other way to get to the data on this DS4100 I would appreciate it. I've managed to assign an IP to the NIC on one of the controllers via serial cable in hopes of using microsofts storage manager for SAN's with no luck there.

Any suggestions on where else I can look for help with this or how to get to this data would be very helpful; we are pretty desperate to get access to some of the data on that unit.
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You sir are my hero!!!
Installed, discovered my storage system I can see everything.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Good to know about your problem get solved.