HP Procurve IGMP use ?

We are an HP Procurve shop.  We need igmp running on our VOIP vlans.

How can one determine if igmp should be enabled on other vlans?

Part two: Is enabling igmp on a vlan cause much waste of switch resources if multicasting is not used on a specific vlan?
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Why would you need IGMP on your voice lan? Phones aren't using multicast as far as I know?

No - no real performance issues of enabling IGMP as long as no one starts a multicast stream on the VLAN :-)
Hence - keep it off where not needed.
Also - there is no benefit of enabling it where not needed.
dts3909Author Commented:
>> as long as no one starts a multicast stream

Is there a CLI command on the procurve to determine mult stream use?
Show IGMP ? Will show you everything you need if I'm not misstaken
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