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User Defined Type Not Found, Access 2013

I'm get the 'User Defined Type Not Found' error when I try to compile an Access 2013 application.

The error is on the statement:

Dim cmb As CommandBar

Which reference am I missing?

These are my current references
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Dale Fye
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That was it
I'm not sure that A2013 supports CommandBars.  You may have to convert them to ribbons.

It does not support menus, but does support CommandBars.
Dale ... legacy menu bars will still show up on the Add Ins Ribbon tab (the ONLY way/place they can show up).

Maybe better put it supports the CommandBars Object Model
I knew they dropped support for one of those things:)  Thanks Dale.
Well, Joe, you cannot create a menubar in 2013, or 2010, or even 2007 for that matter.  All you can do is import one from an earlier version of Access, so I would have to disagree.
Well ... maybe you cannot create one, but legacy menus are ... supported ... so how can you disagree, lol.