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MAC - Sending Gmail to OneNote doesn't work

On a MacBook -

Sending to OneNote from Outlook works fine unless we try to send an email that came from Gmail... then it just goes off into never-never-land.

Any idea why it discriminates against gmails?

Also, how to add the "Move to OneNote" button to Oulook on a Mac?  Not sure it's available for the Mac version of Outlook.
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Jackie Man IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019

What do you mean by Gmail? Gmail in webmail or Outlook 2011?


Thanks for your reply.

Emails RECEIVED in a business-domain email account set up in Outlook on a MacBook.  Not sure of the Outlook version, but it's fairly recent.  It's on a MacBook that's less than 3 years old.

From this Outlook, if we forward to me@OneNote.com it works for all emails in our Outlook EXCEPT when we try to forward emails we've RECEIVED from a Gmail email address.

We just don't see any reason why being from a gmail address would prevent us from forwarding to me@OneNote.com;  we can forward emails received from other domains...

It would seem the authentication process Outlook goes through to send to me@onenote involves knowing who that is in order to get it to OneNote... but having that Gmail connection blocks it...?  

Haven't tried from Gmail's webmail because where would it go if we emailed me@OneNote.com from Gmail's web page?  Or can Gmail be connected to Microsoft OneNote like Microsoft Outlook can?  Don't think so, but could be wrong.

In a quandary on this one...
IT Manager
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Sorry for not responding to you.

It seems to me that there is a SPAM filter for gmail.com domain at onenote.com and it is only possible to fix it by issuing a support ticket with Microsoft.
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