juniper Ex series apply changes on flow

Is there any way to apply changes immediately on the flow without commiting the changes ? commit takes so much time and some critical conditions make it dangereous
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The various processes in the CPU is quite protected from each other. This is Junos; not IOS.

If you have "danger" due to a few seconds delay in a configuration change, I would suggest you have a flaw in the design and/or configuration, and not a problem with the operating system.
Short answer is No.

Normally people see the "commit" (and rollback) as safe features, and not dangerous ones...
FireBallITAuthor Commented:
But it creates dangereous on situations that is time limited or under cpu pressure etc
FireBallITAuthor Commented:
When datacenter is under attack we are having problems with commiting the rules and connections , and miliseconds are important for us  unfortunately that is so bad to not having an option like
commit in flow
commit confirmed

but the answer of question supplied thank you
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