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auto sum from another table in MySQL

Dear Experts,

I have two table as attcahed in the attachment file ( budget and expenses), but I dont know how to make the calculation for the remaining budget at the expenses table ( formula is on the attachment - yellow highlight),

I know MySQL would be different  from MS-excel in generating formula, but I needed badly how to input formula in mySQL for the remaining budget

Thank you,

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budi saleh

8/22/2022 - Mon
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]

the code would look like something below:
select e.* 
    , b.total_budget
    , b.total_budget - (select sum(x.total_expenses)
                       from expenses x
                    where x.budget_id = e.budget_id
                        and x.date <= e.date 
                        ) remaining_budget  
  from expenses e
  join budget b
    on b.id = e.budget_id

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the "issue" is that eventually you may have expenses on the same date, in which case you may have behaviour issue.
if the expenses ID is a numerical increasing value (for example), you can replace the date condition by the expense ID field.
budi saleh

Dear Guy,

Thank you for your answers,

I got stuck on the query that you have posted , because when I look on your query ,the table is inner join between  expenses and budget, but my tables is in separate tables and no join between those two tables,

Or should I join my expenses and budget table to get the remaining budget from two table, or maybe there is a simple query wthout joining the two table and have the remaining budget,

Thank you
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]

>and no join between those two tables,
there MUST be a join possible, otherwise how do you want to relate the bugdet with the expenses?
or is this a global thing (1 line in the budget table in that case)?

please clarify
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budi saleh

Dear Guy,

Just to clarify,

I have two tables in mysql,

first is budget  table which contain two coloumn : budget_id and total budget, the budget table will not change ( its a fixed table)

the second is expenses table contain coloumn : expenses_id, date, total expenses

I want to have one coloumn showing the remaining budget based on the date wehere the formula is

 remaining budget = total budget - (total expenses (this date) + total expenses (previous date ))

Hope this can clarify to my question,

Thank you
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]

so, only 1 record in budget?
I mean, the expenses should be in regards to one specific budget, means that in expenses table, you should have a foreign key to the budget table.

if not, please clarify the data and the output with several records in budget table.
budi saleh

True..only one record for budget table, example:

Budget table:
Budget_id :1
Total budget :$600

Expenses table:
Id:  a
Date : 13 April 2015
Expenses : $100

Id: b
Date : 14 April 2015
Expenses: $500

Can I have one coloumn showing my remaining budget but ordered by date of expenses

Using budget and expenses example above :

Date                  remaining budget
13 April 2015    ($600 - $100 =$500)
14 April 2015    ($600 - $100 +$500 =0)

Hope this can clarify

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]

then replace:
on b.id = e.budget_id
on 1=1
budi saleh


Thank you,

Now I have changed the tables to have connections between budget and expenses, but I still dont  have the remaining budget per date/per expenses id
For example :

budget table
budget_id = 1
total_budget =$3000

expenses table
Expenses_id = 1 ( auto increment)
budget_id = 1
Date = 12 April 2015
total_expenses = $1000

Expenses_id = 2 ( auto increment)
budget_id = 1
Date = 13 April 2015
total_expenses = $500

How can I get the value for each remaining budget (per date) i.e :

Remaining_budget ( coloumn)
Expenses_id : 1
Date : 12 April 2015
Remaining Budget : $ 2000

Expenses_id : 2
Date : 13 April 2015
Remaining Budget : $ 1500

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]

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budi saleh

it return awesome...thank you guy
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