Simple calculation in VB Script


I am doing a simple calculation in my script and the answer is not coming back as expected for some reason.

see image:  Calculation

The calculation is simply:

1.067 - 1

Which should equal 0.67

But I get the answer:  6.6999999999999

I do not know why!!
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You are trying to calculate with strings

pls try somenting like this

Result = CStr(CDbl("1.65") - CDbl("1"))

The behavior you encountered is due to a floating point error. You can correct it by converting the number to decimal.
Transaction.Screen.Item("NONMREVIEW")Fields.Item(NEWTOTQTY").Value = CDec(Transaction.Screen.Item("NONMREVIEW")Fields.Item(PREVQTY").Value) - Transaction.Screen.Item("NONMREVIEW")Fields.Item(QTY").Value

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SmashAndGrabAuthor Commented:

I have tried both the methods and neither worked unfortunalty :(

Method 1

Result = CStr(CDbl("1.65") - CDbl("1"))      This returned the 6.999999

Method 2

Returned this error:

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pls try

Result = FormatNumber(CDbl("1.067") - CDbl("1"), 3)

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Turns out CDec isn't supported in Asp.

Try this monstrous code, it may work (I've never used ASP.
Int(Transaction.Screen.Item("NONMREVIEW")Fields.Item(PREVQTY").Value) + (Right(Transaction.Screen.Item("NONMREVIEW")Fields.Item(PREVQTY").Value,Len(Transaction.Screen.Item("NONMREVIEW")Fields.Item(PREVQTY").Value)-InStrRev(Transaction.Screen.Item("NONMREVIEW")Fields.Item(PREVQTY").Value,".")+1)) - Transaction.Screen.Item("NONMREVIEW")Fields.Item(QTY").Value

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SmashAndGrabAuthor Commented:
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VB Script

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