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Refreshing a Datagrid when information has been updated in another screen

I have a form that opens another form when a button is clicked from a datagridview.  I update the information on the second screen and close it.  I go back to the original screen and try to refresh the data, but it won't load.  I checked the SQL table and the new information is in there.  I have a query to get the new data but it continues to retrieve the original data.  I have tried several ways, this being my latest.

 Me.TblObservationDataGridView.DataSource = Nothing
Me.TblObservationBindingSource.DataSource = Nothing

        Dim getSource = From id In d.tblObservations _
                        Where id.AssID = CStr(Me.cbAssID.SelectedItem) _
                        Select id

Me.TblObservationBindingSource.DataSource = getSource.ToList()
tblO = TblObservationBindingSource.Current

Me.TblObservationDataGridView.DataSource = tblO

Any guidance would be much appreciated!
Karen Wilson
Karen Wilson
1 Solution
Karen WilsonProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I had to change the LINQ Query from:

Dim getSource = From id In d.tblObservations _
                         Where id.AssID = CStr(Me.cbAssID.SelectedItem) _
                         Select id


Dim getObs = From id In d.tblObservations _
                     Where id.AssID = CStr(Me.cbAssID.SelectedItem) _
                     Order By id.obsID Ascending _
                     Select id.Area, id.AssID, id.categoryID, id.dateObsCorrect, id.departID, id.Dept, id.modDate,  id.modUser, id.obsClosedDate,  id.obsComment, id.obsCorrectiveAction, id.obsDueDate, id.observDescription, id.obsID,                  id.obsOpenDate, id.obsStatus, id.Section, id.siteID, id.subCat

And then my datagridview updated with the current information.
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