hp laserjet mf1536dnf laser printer pings but does not print.

Hp laser jet m1536dnf mfp.

I can ping this printer on the address and it does not print.  changed cat 5e cable.  check switch, checked outlet wiring,  substituted a computer for the printer and it works.  Ping shows it sees the ip address

Still wont print.
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This is the support page for your printer. http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-LaserJet-M1530-Multifunction-Printer-series/3974271/model/3974278/drivers/

The tabs will give you the latest driver and also lots of help with troubleshooting.

Let us know how you get on.
helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
try to change driver - firts PCL5 for that model you have, another thing could be HP Universal printer driver
"add new printer" with configured TCP/IP port (where IP is printer´s IP) is also an option how to try to add printer again and print
You might want to try the Postscript printer driver to test.  Are you using the right size paper in your application?  Sending A4 to a printer that requires US paper and vice versa can cause this problem.

Try changing the driver setting to print direct to the printer without using the spooler.  This will help you diagnose where the problem occurs.

Is the print queue in a server or are you printing directly to the printer's port?
GeorgeidpAuthor Commented:
I am using windows 7 pro and the other computer is a mac pro book.  I am downloading the driver from the support page now.  I already tried pcl 5 and 6.  Nothing would not find printer.  disabled Av and firewall also.  I can still ping it.  One time when I pinged it, I received an ip address that was  not the printer.

checked the ip address and is right.  subnet mask and gateway.  put computer on that line and it works.  It does not go to a server.  On a network though, and the other printers work.
The printer can probably be configured via a web-browser when you connect to it's IP address, or it has a utility installed on the PC which you can use to configure it. Via one of those tools you should be able to check it's status for any error messages and also whether it is still configured properly.
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