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Exchange Server Disk Paging Size

valmatic asked
Our exchange 2010 server has 24gb of memory.
Right now the system manages the disk paging file and it uses between 24 and 36GB of space.
Does anyone know of a Microsoft recommendation for an exchange server, if it even is necessary for this type of server?
Running about 100 users.
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IT Consultant
Best practise is to set the pagefile to use the memory size + 10 mb. They also state that if you experience that the server is slow you could extend your pagefile to 1,5 times the size of your physical memory. As long as you have enough diskspace I prefer the last option,


yes that is similar to what I found earlier mem +10mb, I also read on the exchange team blog they suggest no more than 32gb +10mb so I will roll with that. Thanks.