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Cisco IPSec VPN for Mac

Dear Experts,

I am setting up a mac in our all PC network environment, and I need to install VPN for Outlook and network folder access.
While I was successful in setting up and connecting to Exchange, Outlook will only connect initially, and in a few minutes, gets disconnected.
I was never able to connect to file servers.
Without VPN on the network, it is working fine.
Please advise.
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I never really understood if you got the VPN client connected?

Are you distributing the proper DNS-servers (domain controller) in the DHCP scope of the VPN?

Can you ping the file servers when connected to VPN?


Dear MarcuSjogren,

Yes, VPN icon indicates that I am connected, and I am able to ping the IP address. (internal).
However, when I try to Go to Server, and put the IP of the file server in, I get the message,
"There was a problem connecting to the server "".
I click on Browse, and I only see computers in my home network.
If I open Outlook, it connects to the Exchange for a while, and sync all folders.  But in about 3 minutes,  I get the message saying "Mail could not be received at this time,...." and prompts me to put my password.
When I do, it just repeats "Mail could not be received...." error message.
Gajendra RathodLead System Administrator

Check firewall rule.

Check DNS is resolved or not for email server and file server using ping command.
If you can ping, then you have the connection going so I'd say like previous poster that it's either DNS or firewall. My guess is DNS.
After spending much of my time trying to figure this out, we decided to go with SugarSync to make these folders available online, therefore we don't need to use VPN anymore.  I am sorry to say that I was never able to resolve this.  Thank you all for your advises.


I was not able to resolve it by using the advises, we decided to use a work around.