Hyperlink on SharePoint 2010 Page Does Not Appear in Browser

I have a Team site in SharePoint 2010. On the Homepage I have a Scrolling Banner or Slider showcasing three different Ads. All three have a  hyperlink setup in the words of "Learn More". So they can read the blurb, click on Learn More and be taken to another page with expanded information.

Some people see the hyperlinks, while others (myself included) do not, we only see the three different Ads and their verbiage but no hyperlink. Looks to me as though the issue resides within the hardware settings of each station monitor that is not seeing the hyperlinks but this is just my speculation. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
I'd start by looking at whether different browser versions are being used. For me it sounds like the hyperlink might be using peculiar markup that not all browsers like.

I'd open developer tools by pressing F12 in IE and see if the link markup looked strange or straightforward.

I'd also investigate whether anything about the links would qualify for security trimming.
Lord_DragonAuthor Commented:
Great advice, I'm looking into it, thank you.
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