Wirless AP effective range

Does anyine know the effective range of a Motorola -- Access Point 6532 802.11N INDEP 2-RADIO EXT ANT

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Normally a wap covers ~40m indoor and ~90m outdoor. However - that is when communicating with an antenna with the same spec.
So you have to take the client antenna in to account.

Hence I would say 25-30m indoor and 60-70m outdoor at good conditions. An iPhone may give you max 10-15m due to the small antenna.
Check the vendor specification and divide it by two, then you might get a somewhat fair distance at clear line of sight and average weather.
The other issue is the type of material that the signal is trying to through.  Brick walls, metal walls and doors, safety glass windows, and concrete are the worst and will significantly degrade your signal.  If you have those types of materials, you can subtract from the estimates given above.
Craig BeckCommented:
In open space the usable distance could be significantly further than inside a house, for example.  We need to know what the gain of the antenna is for a start but you didn't tell us which external antennas you have.
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