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Simulate a session in ColdFusion 9.1


Is there a way to simulate a session in ColdFusion 9.01?
If yes, do I do it in Application.cfc?
If yes, would you please point me to a sample code for session simulation.

Thank you
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What do you mean "simulate" a session?  

You can use sessions in Coldfusion by turning them on in the application.cfc and then you can use the session variables which is expire on timeout.   Is that what you're asking about?


No, I copied a site to my computer where I have the newer CF build and want to test it on my computer.
When I run it on my computer I keep getting an error because the session is empty.

I would like to know if the session variable can be populated my a person name, information, etc....?
Do you have coldfusion installed as well as CF Builder?  If so, it should work the same as your server.  Your session variables exist if you turn on session management in your application.cfc file.

Session variables can be assigned to hold most anything,
<cfset session.myName = "John Smith">