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Mobile App development tool

lapucca asked
I have VS2013 and I'm considering using Xamarin and Apache Cordova to develop a small Mobile app that would allow users to enter data into a small form and then submits to either SharePoint 2013 or to a MS Sql server database.

This will be my first mobile app and I would like to know if this is a good choice of tool to use.  I will need to support ios and adroid. The advantage is that I'm familiar with VS IDE but I would like some input on if this not a good choice or tool or whatever.  Thank you.
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KRUNAL TAILORFreelance Mobile Developer
Top Expert 2014

Hi lapucca,

You are going in the right direction with HYBRID support. You may use your tool while developing HYBRID App. HYBRID App means it will support multiple platform like Android,  iOS, Windows etc.

As a 5 years of Mobile development experience i will suggest and prefer to use native development tool for each platform.
For iOS Native tool is Xcode (but it will require developer account, need Mac, Need Latest osX and so on)
For Android Native tool is Android Studio (https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html) from official site.
On this native tool you can develop HYBRID as well as NATIVE apps. So, always i am using this native tools in my daily uses.

Again, as i told you are in Right direction, For your development you can prefer Your tool and editor. As you mention you are considering Xamarin (http://xamarin.com/studio) , then user their studio for development. You will see helpful tutorial, Plenty option for design and easy editing. You may get difficult in design for specific UI in VS2013. For you easy to edit and use VS2013 but in the way you will get issue with design and support, to make a build etc.

Conclusion: With the change of technology, you need to start learn new tool, these will benefit to you. So, you will not get stuck in the middle of the development.

Though this mine opinion. You will wait for other comments and let me know your final decision for tool and Xamarin.

Thanks  & Regards,
Krunal T. Tailor


Krunal, thank you for sharing your experience and valuable input.

I don't think company has budget now for purchasing new development software so maybe Xamarin or Xamarin.form extension is not an option for me either.  I will check out Android suite if it's free.

What about Apache Cordova extension in VS and jQuery Mobile and then use Ajax for data submission to activate a web service on server?  All these are free.
Thank you.
Freelance Mobile Developer
Top Expert 2014

Thank you for your message & reply.
Yes Xamarin will charge you, better to start when you have enough budget.
Android is free, even many developer resources available freely. Android studio available here. (https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html)

Yes Apache Cordova if free and Combined with a UI framework such as jQuery Mobile,Sencha Touch, this allows a app to be developed with just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You may use any tool editor to build  HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Once all done you need to follow their (cordova) platform guide. See here for iOS (http://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/5.0.0/guide_platforms_ios_index.md.html#iOS%20Platform%20Guide).  In project you need to replace www content with your developed HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Let me know if any more help require from me. I think cordova will help you to build HYBRID apps.

Thanks & Regards,
Krunal T. Tailor


In the ocean of so many mobile app platforms and tools ( I feel drowning in checking out all of them), I really appreciate your help with sorting this out.  Thank you.