Unified Messaging (Exchange 2010) with Lync 2013 - Voicemail and Auto Attendant problems

Unified Messaging is all set up (followed several tutorials, the most helpful one being this one: http://blog.schertz.name/2010/11/lync-and-exchange-um-integration).

When I first dialed our Auto Attendant, it would ask for me to speak a name or dial an extension. The name always failed so I tried to dial an extension. It attempts but ultimately also fails. I now have it configured to only let you dial an extension and when you attempt that, it says "The call cannot be transferred. Returning to main menu." twice before silence.

Voicemail also won't call my phone to let me record a message, either. When I click "Call the Play on Phone number to play or record a greeting for this call answering rule...", if I accept the default value ("user@domain") it just appears to time out. If I dial my extension, I get "The number cannot be dialed because it does not comply with the policy of your organization".

I've read to disable REFER support for the first problem and to check the "Enable dialing of extensions" (or similar) for the second but neither worked.
street9009IT Project ManagerAsked:
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Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Any errors on Lync or Exchange event viewer ? Have you configured a certificate on Exchange that's generated from the same CA that Lync FE has? it most of the time is a Certificate issue.

Try running a trace on Lync to see what it results. use Lync debugger tool for that.

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street9009IT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the holdup on this. Ran into trouble with our SIP provider and am still working through it.

I installed the Lync Server 2013 Debugging Tools but I can't figure out how to use (I don't even see a shortcut anywhere to open). Can you help me there?
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
The debugger tool location is usually "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Debugging Tools"  
when you run the tool you should select some particular components that pertains to the setup you're going to troubleshoot which is "UM".

When you open it, Make sure you select the current components and in everyone of them select all the flags  listed there and "ALL flags" as well.


Under Log file options select "New File" and change the file size to 100 MB.

Start logging right before you start a test call to test Voice Mail and AA.  When you finish the testing calls. you may stop  logging and then click on "Analyze log files". that should launch snooper tool.

You can look there for the errors and warnings. or you can upload the file here so I can look at it as well.
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street9009IT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
I am still having trouble with our SIP provider but as soon as we have gotten through the issues (or changed providers), I will come back to this. I apologize for the delay.
street9009IT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
Okay, all of the issues are resolved with our SIP provider for now. I have gone through and performed the logging process and the logs are attached. The first log is from where I dialed the automated attendant. It correctly picked up my name when I spoke it (which wasn't happening before) but it still can't transfer the call. The second log is from where I logged in to set up my voicemail (which took me to our mail server in a web browser) and when I tell it to call me, it says "Dialing..." for a few minutes and then changes back to "Call".
street9009IT Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
It was a certificate issue. I had given UM the existing exchange certificate which wasn't for the proper server name. Generated a self-signed one for the proper name and most of the functions fired up.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Good news street9009, glad to hear that it's solved.
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