SMB scanning setup for XEROX WorkCentre 7220 Windows 7 peer to peer Network

I have an issue with a XEROX WorkCentre 7220
the network is a peer to peer with 5 pc's - all running Windows 7 pro or home.
They have been scanning using FTP via Filezilla to one of the user pc's which has Win 7 Pro 64bit.
This has been causing problems with port 21 so I have tried to setup using SMB but cant get it to work!

Attached is the screenshot of the working FTP setup.
There is a share called Scanner on the Scan pc -
All users scan to this folder.

When I select SMB i'm not sure of the "Default Repository Login Credentials" - I try to select System & use the users pc logon username & password. Is this where i am going wrong?

I also disabled the windows firewall on the scan pc just in case that was the issue.

When we try to scan nothing happens. No error message!
Any ideas??

Please see the attched screenshots. NB the SMB screenshot is not from the Xerox in question but is almost identical.
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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Normally the Share name would be the name of a shared folder, i.e., scanfolder.  You have an underscore in this name, and I don't know if that may be causing a problem.  Also, you have the port set to 445; in all the setups I've done this is set to 139 which is the correct port for SMB communication.  One example (different WorkCentre model):

IP Address and Port:
Share:  Graphics
Document Path: Manuscripts/
crangle22Author Commented:
thanks for that. the SMB screenshot is not from the Xerox in question.
I got it from Google!
I will attach that tomorrow. Someone turned the Xerox off so I couldnt access it!
crangle22Author Commented:
This is the SMB screenshot. Please ignore the previous one.
Does it look right?
the IP address is correct - the default port is 445
I disabled the firewall on the Win 7 Pro pc as a test
The folder share is called "scans" & is shared out on the scan pc to all with full control.
The "Default Repository Login Credentials" bit could be wrong?
I'm using the users pc logon & password - as in control panel, users
Is this correct?
When the user tries to scan, nothing happens, no errors. Any ideas?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
use destinationpc\username and password give everyone read/write share and ntfs permissions.
crangle22Author Commented:
david, all users have full access/control to the "scans" share. Should i change that to just read/write?

regarding the SMB screenshot can you tell me what i need to change?
share is called scans. ip is
pc logon is IBS & password - should i select system or another of the 4 options?
NB it's a peer to peer Win 7 network. No server os.
The FTP is working ok but causing other issues.
It's possible that SMB simply wont work in this environment?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
sharename = \\computername\scans
The username you use must exist on the computer that is sharing the scans.
crangle22Author Commented:
thanks David. It will be monday before i can test it.
for the sharename do you recommend the pc name instead of the ip address?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
computername gets translated to ip address so it really doesn't matter.. ComputerName makes it easier on us humans.
crangle22Author Commented:
It didnt work! Attached is the smb screenshot. there were no error messages.
are there any log files in the 7220 which may give a clue?
also is there a way to reboot the xerox from the browser?
manually restarting is a pain & takes about 10 mins.
i've reverted back to the FTP which does work
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Where did you get the instructions to use port 445?  The SMB default port is 139, as I stated above.  Also, I found a post about how to set this up which states that you should leave the document path blank.  It also says that your login name field has to include the workgroup name in CAPS, then a slash and the user name (i.e., WORKGROUP/IBS). Give that a try.

I don't know of any logs on these machines that will show you anything about SMB communication.  Any logging would be on the workstation end.  On the WorkCentre models that I'm managing (I don't have a 7220), on the web management console there is a Reboot button on the Status page.
crangle22Author Commented:
thanks hypercat. when i select SMB it defaults to 445??
i will try 139
For document path i assume you mean "Default repository Document path"?
It has "Scanner" typed in for the FTP which does work. So i will remove it & leave blank.
I will also try the WORKGROUP/IBS
It's so bloody fiddly!
& I have searched high & low in vain for clear idiot proof instructions!!
will try tomorrow
crangle22Author Commented:
sorry for delay. last couple of days didnt suit them.
i will hopefully get to try this tomorrow.
crangle22Author Commented:
they wont be able to try this until thursday!
so hopefully i can keep this open.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
No worries - as long as there's some activity they will keep the question open for a little while.
crangle22Author Commented:
That didn't work!
So I guess I have no option but to close this unsolved unless there is anything else I can try?
crangle22Author Commented:
here is a screenshot of the smb which didnt work.
does it look ok?
crangle22Author Commented:
sorry here it is!

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crangle22Author Commented:
have given up!
thanks lads anyway for the help
i have setup scan to email as a workaround
Chris BanzetOwnerCommented:
The problem with Xerox SMB scanning is, it's a VERY delicate protocol and the slightest thing can cause a problem. The BEST explanation of setting up SMB I've ever seen is done in a step by step video by Southern Solutions, here in the Washington DC area. His name is Michael and he's a CHAMPION at these quirky Xerox Scanning setups. I suggest watching the video, and then if you still have problems, contacting him directly.

I currently have 6 machines that I cannot connect and have errors in the SMB scanning process, using a peer to peer network. So if there's any other geniuses out there who know how to set up this SMB scanning, I'd sure love your thoughts!

crangle22Author Commented:
thanks Chris for that!
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