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I am trying to install JavaScriptSpellcheck for our intranet web app that run by Apache tomcat and out development environment is Eclipse IDE, so I am trying to make things to work in Eclipse.

Basically, I followed this link:!searchin/javascriptspellcheck/apache$20tomcat/javascriptspellcheck/A4K3WXjGwik/OdTTtvQnjgQJ

And I was able to run the JavaBridge in my eclipse successfully.

Now, I am stuck when I apply this in our intranet web app,(let say IntranetABC.) so let me know if I miss anything.

I created folder, lib and cgi in root folder(apache-tomcat-7.0.39/wtpwebapps/IntranetABC/), copied the contents of lib and cgi from the JavaBridge/WebContent/WEB-INF/ and copied the web.xml part (#3 in the above link) in the IntranetWebApp/WEB-INF/web.xml.

When I start tomcat, it complaints about

(IntranetABC is Struts framework, so I commented out that part.)
And then I get this error:
SEVERE: Error configuring application listener of class

What am I missing here?

thanks in advance...
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You need to compile PHP yourself
take approach with apache serving static parts, and redirectmatch to dynamic parts - JSP-s and PHPs (in case of php - php-fcgi.exe)

btw tomcat is at 7.0.61 now, and fixes exactly http protocol parser in the meantime.
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