IE 9 to IE 10, Group policy - Server 2008 -

My company system are finally able to use IE 10 so it is time to update.

How do I go about migrating my group policy for trusted sites and settings to IE10?
I know I can do the below, but users cannot add trusted sites to the system. What method can I use instead of this?

1. Open Group Policy Management Console
2. Expand Forests:[Forest Name] -->¿ Domains ¿ [domain name]
3. Right click on Default Domain Policy and Select Edit
4. Under User Configuration, Expand Policies -->¿ Administrative Templates --> ¿ Windows Components -->¿ Internet Explorer -->¿ Internet Control Panel -->¿ Security Page
5. Double Click Site to Zone Assignment List (3rd from the Bottom)
6. Click Show
7. Find a blank line at the end and type the page as it would appear in the web browser, but leave off everything after the domain name.
8. Set the value accordingly
Value Setting
1 Local Intranet Zone
2 Trusted sites Zone
3 Internet Zone
4 Restricted Sites Zone

9. Add as many sites as you need and then click Ok
10. Click Ok again.
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Joseph MoodyBlogger and wearer of all hats.Commented:
If you don't want to use the policy setting listed in your post, you can use Group Policy Registry preferences. It will allow you to set websites into zones and still allow a user to edit them.

Here is a guide on using that:
Joseph is absolutely correct.  If you are using a policy to set the security zone settings, the users cannot edit them.  A preference sets them to start, but allows the user to edit them.

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