Outlook Anywhere - does laptop has to be setup in LAN first?

Hi experts,

I have a question regarding Outlook Anywhere.

We are using Exchange 2010 and most clients are on Outlook 2013, only a handful on Outlook 2010.

I know how to setup Outlook Anywhere, which has already been enabled in Exchange and firewall. My question is that, if I want to setup Outlook to use Outlook Anywhere, do I need to set the PC/laptop up inside the network first, before configuring Outlook to connect using HTTP?

The reason I am asking, is that I want to know if I can configure my home PC to use Outlook Anywhere without bringing it in the office.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Manikandan NarayanswamySecurity Specialist & IBM Security GuardiumCommented:

No need to connect the PC/Laptop inside a network. You can connect it from Home /PC also. Outlook anywhere is normally used for the users who are connecting to the exchange server using Outlook from outside the LAN network that's the internet. From a Desktop or Laptop which is not a part of a domain network.

Manikandan NarayanswamySecurity Specialist & IBM Security GuardiumCommented:

Here is the below description for the same.

Use the Enable Outlook Anywhere wizard on the Exchange Server 2010 Client Access server to allow users to connect to their Exchange mailbox from the Internet. Outlook Anywhere eliminates the need for users in remote offices or mobile users to use a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to their Exchange servers.
Outlook Anywhere will be enabled on your Client Access server after a configuration period of approximately 15 minutes. To verify that Outlook Anywhere has been enabled, check the application event log on the Client Access server.


Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalCommented:

You will need to install the Exchange SSL certificate aswell as look at Exchange Proxy settings.

You can find these setting when configuring the Exchange account. Click more settings > Connection > Exchange proxy settings.

Typical settings look like :

Url to connect to exchange proxy : mail.domain.com
Connect using SSL with only these principal names : msstd:mail.domain.com


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Manikandan NarayanswamySecurity Specialist & IBM Security GuardiumCommented:

Well no need to install manually when we configure Outlook account on non-domain joined system. Exchange Autodiscover over the internet automatically identifies the location of Mailbox and configures the Outlook account and outlook anywhere settings no need for the user manual intervention

ormerodrutterAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys for ideas. I haven't had chance to test on a non domain computer which isn't connected to LAN (or via Wi Fi).

Otherwise Outlook Anywhere is working fine, Just take a bit more time to launch when starting Outlook.
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