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Exchange local move very slow

I have an Exchange 2010 SP3 ( with one datastore. This server is a SBS 2011 machine with about 60 users. The datastore contained a huge amount of whitespace that I needed to free up. I have a total of 83 mailboxes. I created the new datastore and started moving the mailboxes. 82 mailboxes moved to the new datastore with no problems and completed rather quickly.

I have one mailbox that is taking forever to transfer over. It seems to be stuck at 27%. The move has been running for about 8.5 hours now. The mailbox in questions is about 2.5GB in size. This is about average for our users. I have successfully moved much larger mailboxes last night, (11GB and 15GB)

Ther server is virtualized, (vmware 5.5) and both datastores, (original datastore and new datastore) are on the same EqualLogic 6100SX NAS, (SSD drives with 15K SAS).

I don't see the network or the storage being the issue here since the other 82 mailboxes transferred so quickly and without issue.

Is there something I can do to test, or fix this mailbox? Any article I found on slow move transfers all talk about Exchange 2010 SP1. But I have SP3 installed.
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It seems the mailbox which is taking huge hours is corrupted or containing some bad items. You can try repairing the mailbox by running the following command. However you need to cancel the move request for this user first and then try to run a repair

New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox -CorruptionType FolderView

Refer the below link for the same.

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Thank You for the quick response.

I ran  the following command as suggested.

New-MailboxRepairRequest -Mailbox -CorruptionType FolderView

I do see in the event viewer that the Cmdlet succeeded.  I restarted the move and I am still stuck at 25%.

When I created the move request this time I told it to skip 10 corrupt messages. The transfer properties show that 0 corrupted items have been found..

The move process startes off great and jumps right up to 25%. Then is just stops. It will take hours to move to 27%

Can you try a DB level repair. I mean run this command by specifying the DB where this mailbox exists.

New-MailboxRepairRequest -Database MBX-DB01 -CorruptionType AggregateCounts


Also please get the output of the following command

 You can open the command shell and run a few commands to check the status of the move request.





The process can be anything related to Exchange. I’ve seen:


The object can also change. I’ve seen:


In the Exchange Management Shell do a Get-Mailbox to get the mailbox. Use the -Arbitration switch to get the system mailboxes. Then pipe that to Update-Recipient.

[Powershell]Get-Mailbox Administrator | Update-Recipient[/Powershell]

If you’re using the -Arbitration switch you might have to further specify the mailbox. An easy way is:

[Powershell]Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | Where {$_.Name -like “SystemMailbox{E3*” } | Update-Recipient [/Powershell]

Running the Update-Recipient cmdlet on a mailbox reinitializes the HomeMTA value and solves the warning message

I just found this even in the Windows Application:

Unexpected error "DOC_TOO_HUGE: There are not enough resources to process the document or row" occurred while indexing document.
Mailbox Database: Mailbox Database 0876144477
Folder ID: 1-CB4D
Message ID: b-89086C66
Document ID: 8237868
Error Code: 0x8004364a

I found that this error has to do with too many attachments in an email. It appears that Exchange has a limit of 32 attachments per message. At least with SP1. Not sure if SP3 has the same limitation thou.

The problem is how to find that folder and message from the above id's?
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Manikandan, thank you for your help.

I was able to find out that there was message in the "Recoverable Items" folder on this users computer. I could use the link you provided to find the document listed in the error I provided above. But I could not delete it.

I used the MFCMapi and the instruction on this page to purge the “Recoverable Items” folder. It took along time to populate the list of items in that folder. There was a lot of them. It also took a very long time to delete them as well.

I was finally able to move the mailbox successfully in 13 minutes. Thou there was one corrupt message but I am not worried about that.

Thank you for your help.
You were very quick to respond and the information you provided was a great help. Thank you