determine source of sent email

Is it possible from tracking logs to determine if an email was sent from a users smartphone device where corporate mail is synched to their private smartphone (i.e. without direct connection to the network and from outlook etc), as opposed to determine if an email was sent when logged into our domain on a corporate PC and sent from outlook etc. Or would you need the actual emails and to look at the internet headers to acheive this? If it can be done in the logs can anyone give some pointers on how?
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Guy LidbetterCommented:
Hi pma,

If the user sent the email from a corporate PC, the Source IP in the message tracking logs would identify the desktop.

With an ActiveSync device, the device has an HTTPS session direct with a CAS server, so first of all it should be in the IIS logs of the CAS box that handles the session, secondly the message will be dropped straight into the transport queues so I believe it would the CAS server as the client IP.


pma111Author Commented:
Thanks that helps
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