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Hello Team,

I would like to know what is the proper method to set up a mailbox in an Exchange 2010 Environment. I already configured it Organization Configuration > Global settings tab > Transport Settings > "External postmaster address", which I entered my personal email address in that field. Although when I send a message to I don't receive the email, I receive a bounceback that the user postmaster does not exist.
Am I supposed to create a user account for in my domain and enable an mailbox for it just like I do with any user account?

Thank you!
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Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
Here is a nice article I found that will help you

using the EMC

·         [ Organisation Configuration -> Hub Transport ]  
·         Choose the “Global Settings” tab
·         Using the right hand mouse button – RIGHT click on the “Transport Settings” entry and from the context menu that appears choose “Properties”
·         From the dialog box that appears, on the “General” tab type the postmaster address in the “Specify the external postmaster address field”
·         Click “ok”

Looks like your on the right track
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