SQL 2012 Log Shipping - log_shipping_monitor_primary table Not Updating

I'm in the processes of setting up and testing Log Shipping between (2) SQL 2012 servers.  Server A is the primary DB and Server B is the secondary DB and Monitor Server.  I've run through the setup process, letting SQL perform the initial backup and restore to create the secondary database.  Everything seems to be working fine.  The backup job kicks off every 15 mins on Server A and the corresponding files are created.  Copy/Restore jobs on Server B picking the new backups and restore them successfully.

Here comes the problem, when I run a Transaction Log Shipping Status report the "Time since Last Backup" is never getting updated and results in a Alert after the 60 min threshold is breached.  I doubled check the tabled log_shipping_monitor_primary and the last backup appears to correspond to the initial backup performed when log shipping was configured.  SQL and Agent services are running with a domain user account, same account on both systems.  I'm attempting to use profiler to follow the process but have not been able to find a silver bullet.  

Any help is much appreciated and if you need additional details fire away.
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Orwellian23Author Commented:
No rhyme or reason to the solution, deleted and rebuilt the secondary DB 3 times, on the third attempt the tables updated properly and alerts disappeared.
Mark ElySenior Coldfusion DeveloperCommented:
Are both recovery model set to "Full"?

 Also run
Orwellian23Author Commented:
Orwellian23Author Commented:
Issues resolved itself, no input affected outcome.
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