Software updates not getting pushed down

I'm running SCCM 2012 R2 with SUP. I've setup the update group and included the devices, but some devices are not getting updated including my Win7 machine.
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Maybe this will help.

ost common issues for client installation failures are:

SCCM server unable to ping the machine or resolve name.
FW enabled on remote machine.
Unable to access admin shares (C$, Admin$) on remote machine.
WMI issues on remote machine.
BITS service disabled in remote machine.
Less than 500MB free space on C drive.
Ports Used During Configuration Manager Client Deployment
Windows Firewall and Port Settings for Client Computers in Configuration Manager

Troubleshoot administrative shares

Computer Client Hardware Requirements

Check that ccmsetup folder was created under C:\Windows.
Check the following 2 files with CMTrace.exe: ccmsetup.log and client.msi.log  under C:\Windows\ccmsetup\Logs and look for errors.
For client with no site information, you need to make sure your boundary group match client IP or AD site.

Some more troubleshooting links:
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