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New Exchange 2013 server in org can't receive mail

aridaen asked
Hi, I have a 2 node Exchange 2013 DAG running CU5 that is having problems and have built 3 new servers to replace the 2.  We will create a new DAG.  Yesterday I installed Exchange 2013 with CU8 and the install completed successfully with no issues. I have a mailbox on the new server that I can connect to using OWA and send mail with no issues.  When I send mail to the mailbox on the new server, the message hangs on either of the existing servers in the Unreachable Domain queue with the error that "There is currently no route to the mailbox database."

Troubleshooting to this point:

 Restart Transport service on server1 and server2
 Matched configuration for receive connectors between server3 and the other 2.
 Messages sent from server3 to a mailbox on server1 or server2 is delivered fine.
 Replies and messages sent from server1 or server2 to a mailbox on server3 are not delivered.

What am I missing?
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Have you been able to completely reboot the servers or restart all services? When you say server1 server2 are you talking about old or new servers?

Routing should be configured automatically for internal mail and also between Exchange servers. Have you tried re-creating the default receive connectors?



Thanks Will for your reply.  Yes, I am talking about the old servers when I say server1 and server2.  The new server is server3.  I have not been able to completely reboot server1 and server2 yet, but that will happen tomorrow.  In my previous experience, the connectors have always configured themselves and everything just worked.  I was thinking maybe the problems with the old servers are having an effect on mail flow.  If the reboots don't help, I'll recreate the connectors.


The update is that the customer requested to place the server restarts on hold over the weekend so that didn't happen.  I installed Exchange on my second new server and tested between both new servers.  My server3 could not send mail to server4 which I had just built and restarted.  However, after restarting server3, I was able to send mail in both directions between server3 and server4.  Looks like the restarts will resolve the mail delivery issue.  What a bunch of BS having to restart existing servers when you add a new server to the environment just so they can send mail to the new guy.