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VMware ESXI network interface issues with different networks attached

I have a Dell R710 running the free version of VMware ESXI 5.5. I have four built in physical ethernet interfaces. I have NIC0 configured as the management port and connected my internal network. I have a web server that needs to be on a public IP so I thought I'd configure one of the other interfaces to use for that purpose. I followed the step below.
Login into your Host.
Select host and go to Configuration Tab.
Click on Networking from the Left List.
In the networking tab you will see a vSwitch0 already present. With your NIC1 attached to it as Uplink.
Now click on Add Networking at the right top corner, And it will ask you whether its a VMkernel or Virtual machine connection type. Choose Virtual machine.
The it will ask you for an Uplink selection. Choose NIC2 from the window.
Name it as vSwitch1 or whatever your requirement is.
And click finish. you will see a second vSwitch that will appear on the Networking Window.

Then I went to my virtual image and edited the network adapter setting to point to my new switch.
I then I started my Linux image and configured the eth1 interface for the new network.

I restarted the Linux image but it can not connect to the internet. I used the same IP settings as the physical machine that I created this image from with the exception that eth1 was the interface for the VM and the physical machine used eth0.

I'm new to VMware and I'm sure I've missed a step of something. Can any of you help me figure it out?

All I really want to do is have two different networks connected to different network interfaces... maybe that is not possible... I don't know. Maybe it's just not possible in the free version... again, I don't know.

I really appreciate your help.

Tony T
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Are you sure that your physical network interfaces in the host (e.g. uplinks) are connected to vSwitch1.

and then you have created a virtual machine network portgroup, and selected this for the VM ?

Can you upload a screenshot of the Networking vSwitches ?

The IP Address in the VM will need to be the public IP Address, and the uplink needs to be on this network.
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Thanks for the reply Andrew... I'll get some screen shots for you but I've not created a port group because I didn't know I needed to and I don't know how.

You did that when you followed the Wizard, and selected Virtual Machine, and gave it a label.

This is a Virtual Machine Portgroup.
Thanks Andrew... that's what you get when you're dealing with an idiot like me duh! I saw it when I went in to make the screen shots .

User generated image
User generated image
User generated image
Vmnic3 shows a red "X" on it right now because I had to reconnect the physical machine until I work the issue out.
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I fixed it myself by rebooting my router.