Surface Pro PXE boot does not work

WDS /Server 2012 PXE boot works fine with all my other hardware devices but not the Surface Pro, it Skips from Start PXE over IPv4 boot to Start PXE over IPv6 and does not boot.
The latest Surface firmware has been applied, both DHCP option 66(IP address of SCCM Server) & 67 (SMSBoot\x86\ are set. I have read the problem is due to the UEFI/Legacy BIOS devices cannot find the DHCP server so an IP Helper is required. we have applied 'IP Helper-address (DHCP Server IP address)' and  'IP Helper-address (SCCM Server IP Address)' to the relivent vLan.

Any advice on how to get Legacy and UEFI devices working simultaneously?
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SeekerI.T Technician L2Commented:
Hi, Is it only one device (Surface Pro 3) that is not working or all Surface Pro devices.

What i did was note the Mac Address and look for the device in SCCM Configuration Console and found my colleagues had used the same Microsoft Docking or Microsoft USB Network adapter to install the OS meaning with the same device boot to PXE.

I hope this is understandable for you
medmarc_groupAuthor Commented:
It's all of the Surfaces.  Right now we're installing from a VLAN that is separate from the DHCP servers and WDS server and have IP-helper addresses setup to pass the requests.  If we PXE boot from the same VLAN that the above servers are on, then either type of device works.  We believe that since they're on the same subnet it's ignoring the DHCP options altogether and just relying on responses from the broadcast traffic.

We also found out that BIOS devices require a different boot file from UEFI devices and the BIOS boot file was set in the DHCP options.  When we switched the file name the Surfaces started working, but the legacy devices stopped working.

Our test next week will be to add another IP-helper that points to the WDS server (since it's separate from the DHCP servers) to see if that helps pass the PXE broadcast after the IP is received from a DHCP server.  In other words, trying to get the separate VLAN to act like the server VLAN that allows both devices types to work while ignoring the DHCP options altogether.
SeekerI.T Technician L2Commented:
Sorry to hear that as our boot image is x64 uefi and we are using uefi on all our devices.

Plus we have multiple VLANS on HQ but our field sites have 1 DHCP scope and all working.

I hope this helps

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Not for sake of points, but I think it worthwhile to keep this question in the data base and not
 " be closed as follows:
Not enough information to confirm an answer."

This issue is "to this date an unsolved Surface Pro 3 issue" and may be of help to others with the same issue.
I had  pointed out this in my post: on 2015-11-08 at 10:17:30ID: 41206667
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