SQL Query: How to split one field into two

I have a simple query that is retrieving a name field from a table. There is NOT an individual first name and last name field; the table value is firstname;lastname. During the SELECT how can I split firstname;lastname into two columns?
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Leo TorresSQL DeveloperCommented:

DECLARE @name varchar(50)

SET @name = 'Leo;Torres'

SELECT SUBSTRING(@name,0,CHARINDEX(';',@name,0)) AS FirstName
,SUBSTRING(@name,CHARINDEX(';',@name,0)+1,Len(@name)) AS LastName

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dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantCommented:
SELECT  LEFT(name, CHARINDEX(';', name) - 1)            AS FirstName,
        SUBSTRING(name, CHARINDEX(';', name) + 1, 80)   AS LastName
FROM    YourTable

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This makes a hard assumption that there will always be that semicolon there.
kbiosAuthor Commented:
Thanks. It worked GREAT!
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