Export data to Excel workbook, make a copy, then copy and paste values in Excel

Not sure if this is possible.  I have a report that is updated daily (Sales File #1).  When updated, old data is replaced by new data each morning via an MS ACCESS Macro.
Sheet 1:  Contains data with calculations, vlookups, etc.
Sheet 2:  Contains about 3000 rows of data that are exported each morning. Once exported, data in Sheet 1 automatically update.

Now the Sales department wants me to create a copy (Sales File # 2), copy and paste values on sheet 1. When updated, old data is replaced by new data each morning.  They do not want me to include the raw data from sheet 2.

Purpose is to reduce file size, this report was converted to PDF and emailed each day.  Now they want to be able to filter data and play with the numbers.  Therefore are requesting the actual excel file in lieu of the PDF file.

Is this possible?  What are the chances of the file corrupting each day?
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Roy CoxGroup Finance ManagerCommented:
Is this what you want?

Option Explicit

Sub MakeCopy()
    Dim TempSht As Worksheet
    Set TempSht = Sheets.Add
    '/// Convert to Values
    Selection.PasteSpecial xlValues
    ActiveSheet.Name = Format(Date, "dd_mmmm_yyyy")
    'create report to email
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs "Sales File " & Format(Date, "dd_mmmm_yyyy"), FileFormat:=51, CreateBackup:=False
    '/// this line will clear data from the original file leaving header row
    '/// header row assumed to be in Row 1

End Sub

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You can add code to automatically email the report
A worksheet can be copied to another workbook with a single command:
currentSheet.Copy Before:=Workbooks("Sales File # 2").Sheets(sheetIndex)

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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
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