What is dedicated LAN?


Can someone explain to me what is  dedicated LAN? Tried to asked Google but all related to "dedicated Servers".

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dedicated in reference to what?
normally a dedicated lan is a "private" network within your network.  in the past we've setup dedicated lans for our backup servers.  A private lan was setup using secondary nic cards in a server and assigning a completely different network subnet to connect to the servers that needed backing up.  This would have the effect of separating the backup traffic from the general traffic when the data was too much to backup overnight.  I've not setup this type of scenario in i'd say about a decade.
These days, much of the dedicated lan can be setup using managed switches, VLANS, and acls to shape and restrict traffic from the rest of the network. If bandwidth is a concern, secondary (and more) nics can be added to servers and bonded together for a fatter pipe, of course you can always go 10GB as well, but the cost may be a bit prohibitive depending on your current infrastructure.
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