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I have downloaded the mobile app to my Galaxy S5 and tablet but am experiencing the same problem on both devices. Much of the content displays only in portrait view, is this just me, or is there a bigger issue?
Bob BarnesAsked:
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Akashay KCommented:

Developer tends to developer application for certain view aspect, so if the app you downloaded is best experienced in portrait mode then they developed accordingly (e.g. Temple Run) or if the application can work either way then you will be able to use them in both horizontal and vertical direction (e.g Candy Crush). So the problem is not with the device itself but the developer of the app who chooses not to designed to fit both view.
Bob BarnesAuthor Commented:
Thank-you for taking the time to reply. It is early days, but the app shows promise of being a very useful tool to your excellent assistance.
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