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I have an idea for a website in which I need to know how many people die each day. I know this cannot be done by hand and not even accurately by programing as all deaths are not always reported.

How would you write a Bot or spider that would search the web (say in the United States) and find all the people how died between the ages of 59 thru 65 that was reported in an obituary that day and each and every following day?

And once this data is found have it inserted into a database.

Can this even be done? It seem like it could but I have no clue of how or who I would contact to do it for me.
James CoatsComputer Info. Sys. StudentAsked:
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>>  Can this even be done?
       You can certainly try.  How accurate do you need to be?  
       How do hope or expect to count deaths that are not reported?

Are you aware of is a website founded in 1998, the world's largest commercial provider of online memorials.  The Web site hosts obituaries and memorials for more than 70 percent of all U.S. deaths.

They do it by having 650 newspaper partners.  They don't search for data, their partners send it to them.
Do you need the actual obituary info, or do you just want the daily count?
käµfm³d 👽Commented:
Sure it can be done, but you're talking about writing something that is going to have to parse and dissect someone's English (or other) language writing to determine that the text is an obituary. There are an infinities number of ways to write and obituary, and there is no standard that says, "All obituaries follow format XXXX." The coding itself probably isn't too bad, but the algorithm to hunt down and parse obituaries probably is.

As far as hiring, you could try right here by searching for members who have enabled the "Hire Me" option on their profiles. You could also try headhunters and other electronic posting boards. You may also consult nearby colleges. A task such as this may garner you a reasonably-priced student--maybe eve a professor--who would have a nice item to add to his resume.

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James CoatsComputer Info. Sys. StudentAuthor Commented:
Thank you this answers my question. I do have some funding for this idea but I have a lot of paperwork and attorney stuff to take care of before I start hiring people. Thanks again I have Experts in mind when I am ready to launch.
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