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Photo Special Affect Of Image Being Wiped Apart

I am working on a small home project and looking for a way to have an image look like it is being wiped in two. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate with Office 2010 and only have the basic MSPaint. Are their any online free photo site online that could do this?
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>>image look like it is being wiped in two.

Do you mean RIPPED in two???


Yes.. like you were to take a piece of paper an tear I down the middle length wise ... leaving a jagged edge...
This cannot easily be done using Paint...

You will require an image editor that handles layers like Paint.NET, GIMP or Photoshop!

The idea is to separate your image in two and work on each side separately.

Then you move each side apart so as to create a space between them...

Ripped photo


This is exactly what I am looking for.....

Any free program online that can do this
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Try Photoshop web based version, it's free and easy to use, get your hands on, create an image, or upload from your PC to edit.

Create New image , Open file from your computer (browse your computer to select), open image from URL (specify an URL), open images from library (images from pixlr, facebook or other library), you can also download pixlr on your iphone or android.
You can find it here: Online Photoshop Free

PLEASE NOTE: I use GIMP and Paint.NET on my PC and I have never really used an on-line app!
Use Photoshop net primarily based model, it is unfastened and smooth to use, search out, create an image, or add out of your laptop to edit. Create new photograph , open record from your pc (browse your laptop to pick), open photo from url (specify an url), open photographs from library (pictures from pixlr, fb or other library), you may additionally down load pixlr to your iphone or android.

Check out it Here: Online Photoshop Free