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Parse XML to class and read data fromit

Hello experts,

could someone please help me with my begginers problem?

I code that reads XML and stores it into a class.

Now i am struuggeling how to read data from that class. What i need is accessing data in class based on
attribute "id".

My code

 class Program
        public static string Document = "";
        static void Main(string[] args)



        public static void XmlParse()
            XDocument doc = XDocument.Parse(Document);
            IEnumerable<XmlParseObject> result = from c in doc.Descendants("HotSpot")
                                                 select new XmlParseObject()
                                                     Id = (int)(c.Attribute("id")),
                                                     x = (float)c.Attribute("x"),
                                                     y = (float)c.Attribute("y"),
                                                     z = (float)c.Attribute("z")

    public class XmlParseObject
        public float x { get; set; }
        public float y { get; set; }
        public float z { get; set; }
        public int Id  { get; set; }

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And my XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	 <HotSpot id="1" x="67216.14" y="-75172.24" z="-2984.153"/>
	 <HotSpot id="2" x="66326.78" y="-74404.68" z="-3172.191"/>
	 <HotSpot id="3" x="66220.13" y="-73542.97" z="-3286.478"/>

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Thank you!
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Fernando Soto
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