Viewing SQL Reports

Hi guys,

I just created my first Sql Reports.
I can connect to Report Server Web Service URLs and it seems that everything works fine there. My understanding is that this is the url my reports are being deployed. I thought that this will work as somewhat web site-like, so anybody can come and see the my reports.

How can I let other look at these reports? In Report Manager, I verified that my work has been deployed.

However, when I tried to view my report from other computers or cell phones on Report Server Web Service URL, I wasn't able to see it.  
I am getting 'This page can't be displayed' error.

Can anybody please work me through to set up this thing? Google didn't help much.
I am using Sql server express 2014 and visual studio 2013 Ultimate verson.

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No, what I meant by going to co workers pc to test is because you said it would work on your PC but not on anyone else's.

So, after fixing your browser and making the changes I suggested, the only way to get real error message is to test using another computer.

As for setting up access to report server url, the way we have done it is to go to the server where the report is configured.

Then type localhost/reports/

Click on the report you wish to give users access to.

Click on Edit.

This brings up the following:

Data Sources

Your main concern should be Data Sources and Security.

Click on Security and click New Role Assignment.

There, you will select a user by domain. Example: Domain\Izzzy.Twinkly or whatever your naming convention.

Give the user whatever role you wish for the user to have.

Once this is done, you click on Data Sources to set up data source for the report and user security:

Click Custom Data Source
Select Microsoft SQL Server as Connection Type
Set up data source similar to the following:

Data Source=ServerName;Initial Catalog=DBName

Next, click on the radio button that says:
Credentials stored securely in the report server

Enter username and password.

Click Apply and Ok.

Then close.

Now, your users should be able to access the report.

Note that datasource  and account are created under reportmanager, where you create the reports.

Hope this helps.
First, if you fix your browser, it will reveal specific error message to why it isn't working.

First, fire up your browser,
click on internet options,
 click on Advanced,
Scroll down till you see show friendly HTTP error Friendly messages.
Uncheck that box.
Click Apply
Click Ok
Close browser, open it and try again using a co-worker's PC.

Second, are you trying to run it as report viewer?

If yes, Visual Studio has report wizard.

Right-click on Project
Click on Add New Item

Select Report Wizard and follow instructions to create a report you can deploy along with your other stuff.
IzzyTwinklyAuthor Commented:
Hi sammySeltzer,

I tired the first one and the messages I received were
1. Make sure the web address http://xxxxxxxxx is correct
2. Look for the page with your search engine
3. Refresh the page in a few minutes.

And you mentioned a "co-worker's computer". Any particular reason? Shouldn't it work anywhere?

For your second answer, actually I meant to ask about setting up others accessing Report Server Web Service URL.
I am sorry that I confused you.
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IzzyTwinklyAuthor Commented:
Hi Sammy,

Thanks for your answer. I have one quick question about your steps. You added users like domain\a, domain\b, domain\c etc. when you enter username and password for 'Credentials stored securely in the report server',
whose username and pwd are you referring to?
That is a generic username used to access the report.

There are two types of users.

1, the user who will be given access to the report. That's when you use user roles new user assignment so you can assign users their respective access levels and roles.

Some, you may give ability to create, modify, view reports. some you give readonly access.

2, the second user, the one you are referring to, is the one you create with dsn.

This for the reports to run.
IzzyTwinklyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sammy!
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