Monetize the sale of Amazon Products for

I am trying to monetize the sale of this Amazon product through the Amazon Affiliate Program here

These particular earbuds are an exceptional choice for because they  are incredibly cheap, have in-line playback, recording, and volume controls.  and it appears that they even contain the technology that will allow them to work on most laptops through one playback port for both recording and playback.

Assistance in figuring out how to monetize products sold through Amazon, even when shipped by another vendor is greatly appreciated.
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Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
As an Amazon affiliate you can promote any product you want to on their site. The question becomes, what products are appealing to your audience and what is the best way to deliver this information... some ideas:

1.) You could create a "product review" section on your site where you write reviews of products that you feel are relavent to your viewers. You could go so far as to purchase the products and do a full unboxing/breakdown of the product.
2.) You create an opt-in form to start building a list of viewers who are interested in hearing about deals/reviews about products that you feel fit their needs.

When its all said and done the key is showing your web site visitors something that is useful and relevant to them. You'd also want to make sure it's clear that you receive a kickback for promoting the product, that way it doesn't appear there is any deception taking place.
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
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