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Adobe Illustrator - stroke alignment


I'm new to illustrator and when I draw rectangle + triangle ( so imagine a pencil shape), everything is align ok without stroke but when I add a stroke, now the tip of the pencil (triangle) doesn't align with the rectangle which also has got a stroke.

How can I fix that?
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The Stroke in Illustrator is kind of a coating arround the path. By default it put half of the thickness of the stroke on each side of the path.

You have the option in the stroke panel to move the whole coating either to the inside of the path or to the outside. But it may not give you the exact results you like.

Lets say it's a pencil you are drawing. The best way would be to draw the whole outer shape as one (you could join what you have already) and then draw shapes under the basic outline for color and shading.


Ok, thanks Sigurdur.