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Oracle table partitions


Iam working on oracle table partitions and need to provide a training on the types of partitions , I need the below information in regard to oracle hash partition

1. How does hash linear algorithm work , any example should be fine. I need an detailed explanation on how oracle applies Linear hash algorithm for each table partition using HASH .
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Naitik GamitSoftware DeveloperCommented:
sam_2012Author Commented:
hi Naitik,

Can you explain me how the partitions are derived using the steps mentioned in the url above

I have followed the below steps to validate the Linear HASH algorithm

create table hash_tab
id number ,
name varchar2(40))
partition by hash (id)
partitions 4;

Below are the partitions created in oracle after the above statement


Analyze the tables so that the num_rows column in user_tab_partitions is updated.

Insert into hash_tab values (&i,'&n');

Values inserted are

I tried to validate the algorithm logic mentioned in the above url mentioned , iam not able to derive the correct partition into which oracle inserts the records But I noticed  , it starts inserting into the last partition SYS_P28

Below is the sample logic using the algorithm mentioned in the above url
num=4 --> no of partitions
v=power(2*ceil(log(2,4))); --> 4
n=f(column_value) & (v-1) --> 1 & (4-1) = 1 &3 =1

but the value 1 is getting inserted into 4th partition SYS_P28 instead of SYS_P25

Any help with the algorithm mentioned in the url is really appreciated.
This I need for training purpose
According to the link on LINEAR HASH Partitioning, the disadvantage is that data is less likely to be evenly distributed between partitions as compared with the distribution obtained using regular hash partitioning.

Regular partitioning will distribute evenly:
SQL> SELECT Id, MOD ( Id, 4 )+1 Part
  FROM Hash_Tab
 ORDER BY 2, 1

        ID       PART
---------- ----------
         4          1
        24          1
         1          2
        45          2
         2          3
        34          3
         3          4

7 rows selected.

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sam_2012Author Commented:
Thanks a lot , gave me an good idea about partitions in oracle.
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