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Cisco Unified CM administration

Leo asked
I have a task in which I have to take out a user from Administration group, I logged into Cisco Unified CM administration, had a look at his profile, I cant see anywhere where it points which groups does he belongs to.....
what are the steps to take out a user from a group? we are using CISO IP Phones 7945.
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within Callmanager Administration, go to User > End User or Application User depending on the type of account you are working with. Down at the bottom of the User configuration page you will see the Roles and Groups it is assigned to. Remove them at will.

Are you logging in with a super user account, or an account that allows you to modify Users?
LeoSnr Network Eng


I went to this section before, it does show the names, but when I click on them it doesn't give the relevant information of what I am after, I have attached a screenshot....
Look at your statement: "I cant see anywhere where it points which groups does he belongs to."
Can you see how the screenshot shows exactly that? That account belongs to the Standard User group.

"what are the steps to take out a user from a group?"   you click on Standar User as shown in your screenshot, and then you select to remove the group out of the account. Do you see an option to remove it?

Otherwise, try to be more specific about the information you are after so I can help.
LeoSnr Network Eng


ok...I corrected it :-)
I have few small tasks for administration...I was looking at the admin guide, but couldn't find it :-(
can you please let me know where I can find these in console?

1)Changing display name on the phone?
2)Changing speed dials for phones?
3)Changing/updating phone numbers?

Display name sounds more like the Display name on the line, not the phone. OPen  a phone configuration page. To the left you will see the directory numbers associated with that phone. Click on one of them. You will see the Display Name field.
Snr Network Eng
Found the answer by myself.....

1)Change display name on the phone

 Call Routing > Directory Number
 Enter the DN or extension for the phone
 Select the Associated Device and click Edit Line Appearance
 Change the text in "Line Text Label" and "ASCII Line Text Label" fields for the DN.
 Save and Apply Config

  2)Change speed dials for phones

 Device > Phone
 enter the data you need to find the phone (MAC, Description, DN, etc.)
 In Related Links go to "Add/Update Speed Dials" or "Add/Update Busy Lamp Field Speed Dials"
 Add, Change, or Delete the speed dials configured
 Save Speed Dials and close the popup window
 Click the "Modify Button Items" and move the speed dials into the correct button order
The user came up with a question about how to change the groups associated to a user account in Cisco Callmanager. That question was properly answered and deserves points to be awarded. This is what happens when a thread becomes a "to do" list of different issues, experts address one or more concerns and at the end it is never enough because the list of things to resolves never ends.

Each topic needs to have a clear scope so that when it is answered, everyone can agree it was properly covered. In this case, the first question was properly addressed.
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I was looking for step by step instructions....the way I have listed them as an answer..
LeoSnr Network Eng


Found answer by myself.......
You clearly don't get how a community works. Why would you look for help from others just to end up awarding yourself?

Good luck getting help the next time