New server share permissions failing...

so I'm setting up my new server
and moving data over from the old, recreating shares and everything was going smoothly until

I went to the server and saw that I wasn't able to see the shared drives except 1.  The rest give "Windows cannot access"  fig 1
Fig 1
So I started testing and figured out that if I add my user profile directly to the share it immediately works and I can see the data in the share.

My profile is part of the "Administrators" group which is attached to all these shares but it isn't working.
and as far as I can tell that just adding my direct profile to the share is fixing the problem instead of the security group.

Tried another idea, to totally remove the share altogether and add the security group "Administrators" back to the share but still no go there.

The "Everyone" group seems to work fine.
and gives me access.

Another try,  I created a new share "AdminShare" and put my user profile into it.  Added it with full control to that share.  No go.

My next idea, copied my profile in active directory and adding that profile to the new "AdminShare" and the "Administration" share is working.... but yet the new profile which is a copy of my profile also has "Administrators" account but I can't access the other two shares again as in fig 2
Fig 2
and then I download the Solarwinds Permissions Analyzer and get all green lights..... fig 3
Fig 3
Any ideas on what is going on here?
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Tom Jacob ChirayilSystems EngineerCommented:
You can give full permission to everyone under the Share Permission.
Restrict the users under security permission.
ZantisAuthor Commented:
ok but that doesn't really answer what is going on here.  Any ideas?
ZantisAuthor Commented:
I mean is it not the way to do it, if say you had a "Marketing" share and gave the Marketing security group full access to the share?  Wouldn't that be the way you would most likely do it?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
This would mean that they would have to login to the share (which will save their info in their credential manager).  Once the have access to the share then ntfs permissions kick in.
Scott GorcesterCTOCommented:
Make sure that users have ownership of their profile folder and files
ZantisAuthor Commented:
Am I doing this wrong, the way I'm putting security groups to my share permissions?
Hi Zantis,

As David said, it will be best to use Share and well as NTFS permissions.

What I do is give Everyone on the Share Full control (Browse and view) and then handle the NTFS permissions (access and change) with security groups.


Marketing share:
Share permissions - Everyone = Full Control
NTFS permissions - Marketing_Change = Change permissions
                                   Marketing_Read = Read permissions

It's easier to control shares with groups as you have created. Just never give anyone Full control if it's not explicitly needed.

Hope this helps,

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