Outlook 2010 Inbox disappeared

On one mailbox the folder "Inbox" disappeared from the left navigation tree.
Server Exchange 2003
Client Outlook 2010

We tried creating a new Outlook profile and the commands
outlook /resetfolders
outlook /resetnavpane
no success
Also when we access the maiöbox with the backup account the Inbox is not there.
In the daily overview page is a link to Inbox and it is working.
Any idea how to restore it in the navigation?
Thank you!

Christian SommerIT ManagerAsked:
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Monika BhartiSr. AnalyticsCommented:
Hi Christian Sommer,

I think MFCMAPI can solve your problem as it gives an access to MAPI stores that is used to examine Outlook and Exchange issues.

So you can first download MFCMAPI from this site http://mfcmapi.codeplex.com/

After that follow the steps mentioned below:
1.      After downloading will complete extract the folder on the end user where problem is exists.
2.      Open MFCMAPI onto the computer & select the Session then click on Logon and Display Store Table.
3.      Choose the profile which user can use to access its mail account and then click on the “Mailbox MDB”, which you can found under the “Display Name”.  It will appear as Mailbox – username.
4.      From the new folder that opens and expand Root – Mailbox. Then expand Information Store in folder, (IPM_SUBTREE) which display all the folders stores in mailbox. Highlight Inbox folder.
5.      From the right pane, see the Property Name – PR_ATTR_HIDDEN which have a tag of 0×10F4000B. From the value column, it is set to false by default.
6.      If it is not set to false, right-click on the Property Name, then click on “Edit Property”.
7.      And uncheck the checkbox by clicking on it, which sets it to F (False), then click on “OK”.
8.      Selecting F5 refresh it. And close MFCMAPI.

Now open the Outlook and see inbox is seen into your mailbox hierarchy.

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Christian SommerIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hello Monika Bharti,

Thank you!
I tried this tool and got the following error, when I try to access the Inbox:

Error: GetProps(NULL) failed
Code: MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER == 0x80070057
Function (null)
File PropertyBag\MAPIPropPropertyBag.cpp
Line 89

I cannot see any property of the Inbox or edit properties on this "Inbox" folder.
The check with a test mailbox and your suggested property was successful. On this test mailbox I could see this property status as "false".
Harper McDonaldCommented:
Does it show up in OWA correctly?  You might want to delete the profile and re-create it.  Try a detect and repair in for Office.

Here's an article I found as well:  http://desigeek.com/blog/amit/2007/01/17/solved-case-of-the-invisible-folder-in-outlook-and-exchange/
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Md. MojahidCommented:
If you look at the navigation pane are you in the "Mail" group or ?  If you go to the Folder List group (press CTRL+6) do the folders appear?
Do you see a little white triangle next to the ABC folder?
Christian SommerIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
No, nothing.
We tried this already.
Christian SommerIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
The final solutions was to delete the mailbox and create an new one, because it was impossible to repair the Inbox folder.
First we exported the whole content to a pst file. Even in this pst file the Inbox was not available.
But it was not as corrupt as in the mailbox so that we could set the parameter Monika mentioned in her first post.
Then the Inbox was available in pst and we could attach the file to the new and empty mailbox.

During this procedure we run also into this problem:

Thanks everyone for the input!
Christian SommerIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone!
Christian SommerIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
The hints where only a part of the solution. And a real solution to the main problem was not given.
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