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Misconfiguration of office 365 retention policy

would like your help to see the possibilities of recovering all the deleted items from deleted folder of all my users, by mistake a retention policy was applied on the mailbox level and it moved all items older than 90 days to the deleted items folder.

A quick response will be much appreciated, i am trying to follow this process but nothing works out.I was thinking to use search-mailbox but couldn't gather a proper syntax to move items to the inbox of same mailbox.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Harper McDonald
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Towards the end of this article might help you out.
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In addition to the info from the above article, if he has an archive enabled, check the Recover Deleted Items container for the archive mailbox as well.
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Thanks  for the links but as I mentioned I need to recover for all my users and they are in thousands as the policy was applied as default.

We do not have the archive , yes items are there in recover deleted items for all the users but I want to recover them without user intervention.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)
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Thanks grading as C , because couldn't get a solution