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Use Case: I have two differnent Content Types, A and B, each with a State field.

Content Type A has two nodes, with California and South Dakota selected.

Content Type B has two nodes, with Alabama selected in both nodes.

The requirement is to created a tabular View that would look like this.

So wihin the Views interface, how do I create this?

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This is the closest I've managed to get:
I used the views_calc module, views_aggregator and views_aggregator_plus (included with views_aggregator).

I set up fields as:
Content: Type
Content: Title (do not link to content)

Filter by content types A and B

Table with aggregation options
 - Format settings:
  Type: Apply group function - Group and compress
  Title: Apply group function - Tally members *, Parameter: , (comma with a space)

In your case 'Title' would be 'State'
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