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iPhone same call

My boss and his wife each have an iPhone with the same apple (iTunes) id.  When you call her phone number his phone rings as well.  This does not happen all the time.  They also receive sometimes the same text messages.  Any ideas?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Guy Lidbetter

Hi There,

When you use your iTunes account to activate an apple device, the phone number is associated with the account.
When an iMessage or a phone call from another iPhone (Apple User) is made to a number registered to that iTunes account, it will go to all of the associated devices over the apple network.

The numbers that don't ring on both are not Apple devices, they will be going over standard Cellular\Mobile GSM service.

I would suggest your bosses wife get her own iTunes account.. its free...

And you boss disassociates her number from his account using this guide




Two of us have iPhones with the same Apple ID. We do not get each other's calls (never have). We can text each other easily and our family can text us with no problems.

I suggest checking the Contact list to make sure it is not shared. Presumably email is not shared either.
Guy Lidbetter

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Using the same iCloud /iTunes account on devices share by two or more people is not best practice.

With all the new methods of sharing data there is no need to have the same account.

I have iPhone and iPad  and I have same account in that setup.  I get text messages in Blue (iMessage) and Green non iMeesage on Both, Facetime calls on both.  Sometimes calls on both. Depends if my iPad is on wifi or data plan.

As Guy suggested have one get a new iCloud / iTunes account.
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